The Ground, Natural Order (ct)

People tend to discuss about process, and take for granted that there is an order before, during and after the process takes place. It is important to concentrate on the nature of the things we talk about, for these are part of a natural or social order which pre-dates our intentions and planning. If this natural or social order is real, then excessive focus on process is misleading. On the other hand, if natural and social order are not real, then what would be the value of talking about process?
In any case a “process” would not explain or solve anything if there is nothing to start with or to aim at. Why does a process exist in the first place? An explanation of the process itself may show for example that what appears as a process is actually a structure, what appears as diachronic is synchronic, but we experience it as a time-line. Scientific analysis does not exist to explain the meaning of things, and is limited to explain observed, repeatable transformations, but that does not mean that we don’t have anything to start with: every plan has a purpose.