“A Swindle”

“Men do not know how to make themselves important and make themselves great. Thus there are no lengths (of evil) they don’t go to. Since they do not make themselves important, things become important and their own state of being becomes unimportant. Since they do not make themselves great, things become great and their own selves become minor. Thus they lose their importance and greatness and accept instead the trivial and the minor without refusing them. All inherently possess the full measure of this importance and this greatness, no matter whether old or young, worthy or foolish. It is just that they are swindled and led astray by insignificant reputation and petty profit, superficial glory and insubstantial social status. The fundamental light of each and every person shines through past, present and future.” (Zǐbó Zhēnkě  1544 – 1604)

(Source: “Zibo – The Last Great Zen Master of China” – translated by J.C. Cleary, 1989)