Fundamental Conceptions Of Information as Applied to Identity Logistics

“The nature of things is nothing but their coming into being at certain times and in certain fashions. Whenever the time and fashion is thus and so, such and not otherwise are the things that come into being. The inseparable properties of things must be due to the mode or fashion in which they are born. By these properties we may therefore tell that the nature or birth was thus and not otherwise.” 

(Giambattista Vico, The New Science, 147-148)

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I study identity information inside and outside the firm, and in exchanges between firms, groups and individuals.

What are information flows and information security? How can we control access to information? How can we measure information in an organization? How is the return on investment measured in security and identity projects? What are the alternatives to risk-based information security?

I apply information security principles and practice to propose a model of Security Management Perspectives and their underlying theories of information. On that basis, I develop a new approach applying ideas of performance. My work shows how Cloud Computing needs new ideas of trust and risk management beyond traditional positions.

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